Abey's the perfect beach bag. Not too big, not too small, convenient, handmade and stylish. Ghada created this design and her inspiration came from the Native American culture. Abey meaning leaf in Native American suits the colors of the bag beautifully. Pick your color, red or green and make sure to check Havana, our matching beach hats.

Our story

Hi there, we are Nanou and Ghada, a girl and her future mother-in-law. We’re the people behind Gems of the world designs. 

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Giving back to Project Três

We are proud sponsors of Project Três and we are donating $5 of your purchase to them. This money will be used to help them pay for salaries, trainings required and tools to give the ability for women in need to develop their skills and succeed in their careers. Read more about this initiative in "Giving back".

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