Proud Sponsors:

We are happy to announce that Gems of the world designs is a proud sponsor of Project Três. If you know us, you would know that Gems of the world is run by two women (Ghada and Nanou) and our mission is to empower other women: artisans, creators, business women and artists. We have been searching for an NGO to give back to and we finally the PERFECT one!

What is Project Três?

Project Três is an initiative to empower and promote the economic development of women in India and Kenya. This NGO has been founded by the beautiful Carla Maria de Souza (in the picture above). She moved to India in 2015 and decided to help women who struggled with difficult living conditions and domestic violence.

She used her fashion background and expertise, to give women in India and Kenya the opportunity to learn creative artisan skills to help generate economic security and stability.

Doing our bit:

In order to support Project Três, we are donating $5 of your purchase. This money will be used to help them pay for salaries, trainings required and tools to give the ability for these women to develop their skills and succeed in their careers. The best part of it all? Project Três has been able to help out 90 women in between Kenya and India. Let's make that number bigger together!

If you would like to donate more than the standard $5 of your purchase, you have the option to leave a tip at checkout (2.5%, 5% or 10%) and we will donate the tip to Project Três.